NUS Professor Ph.D.Martina Pocchiari’s Approach to Digital Marketing Education

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, NUS educators like Professor Martina Pocchiari play a crucial role. Combining academic knowledge with real-world experience, she equips her students at NUS for the dynamic demands of the marketing world..

Early Education and Mentorship

Dr Pocchiari’s academic journey started at the University of Bologna, Italy. Under a marketing professor’s mentorship, she explored research opportunities in Europe and the U.S., setting the stage for her global academic career.

Reflecting on this period, Dr Pocchiari says, “The mentorship of a senior professor was very helpful in guiding me, especially since I was keen on marketing and marketing research.”

She then moved to Erasmus University in Rotterdam for her master’s degree. Here, Dr Pocchiari connected with international academics and peers with an interest in marketing. “Rotterdam is a very special place, hosting a vibrant community of academics and expats,” she mentions.

Professional Experience Before Academia

Before joining NUS, Dr Pocchiari worked as a research consultant at Nielsen. This role in the corporate sector deepened her marketing insights, bridging academic theories and real-world practices.

Sharing her experience, Dr Pocchiari notes, “Understanding the type of challenges that marketing practitioners  face every day, as well as their practical concerns outside of academic research was enlightening.”

Empowering the Next Generation at NUS

At NUS, Dr Pocchiari focuses on providing undergraduate students with a solid foundation in digital marketing. Her courses are inclusive and interactive, designed for easy understanding of core concepts. Practical exercises and tools like Google Analytics, alongside earning certifications, form a key part of her teaching..

Dr Pocchiari believes in developing both soft and technical skills. “A successful digital marketer needs adaptability, tech-savviness, creative problem-solving, and an understanding of consumer psychology,” she states. Her teaching ensures students are well-rounded and prepared for further specialization..

The Evolution of Marketing

Dr Pocchiari’s insights into marketing are deep and thoughtful. She explores the balance between long-term strategies and immediate results, emphasizing sustainable growth over quick gains. “There’s always a tension,” she explains, “between investing for the long term or seeking immediate outcomes.”

A central theme in her NUS classes is the importance of building online communities. Dr Pocchiari views these communities as crucial for long-term brand loyalty and resilience. This is especially important in a post-COVID reality, where consumers and people seek genuine social connections after struggling with social isolation.

Preparing for a Dynamic Future at NUS

Dr Pocchiari keeps her students at NUS ready for a fast-paced marketing environment. She constantly updates her courses with the latest trends and tools. “The field is fast and dynamic, evolving daily,” she notes, stressing the need to stay current.

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Her research on online communities enriches her curriculum, offering students deeper insights into digital engagement and community building.

Professor Dr Pocchiari Pocchiari’s journey from Italy to a respected digital marketing professor at NUS highlights the importance of blending academic and real-world experiences. Her contemporary teaching style, balancing high-level, technical knowledge with practical skills, readies her students for the dynamic world of digital marketing. In her NUS classroom, students learn to lead a digital business in a challenging and ever-evolving field.