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Pay for results. Not BS.

Companies we have done SEO for!

Dolly from FIT Asia

FIT Asia @ Clarke Quay, Singapore

“6 out of 8 keywords on Page 1
Within 6 weeks”

Zoom in on the TV to see the SEO rankings!


Our Unique SEO Charging Model

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of getting your website onto the first page of

How do most digital agencies charge for SEO?

Most digital agencies charge on a fixed monthly basis. For example, S$3,000 per month. For an AdGroup of 10 keywords. For 12 months.

But there is no guarantee that you will hit Page 1.

If you do not get on Page 1, the agency claims to “do more SEO for you”. But still cannot guarantee any Page 1 rankings.

How does Wiz Consultancy charge for SEO?

We charge based on results.

You only pay when you get on Page 1 of No results = no payment.

This holds us accountable. This ensures that we must do all we can to help your website get onto Page 1.